• Sushi Rock Guam


Accompanied by Joan, our Micro Mall manager, Rebecca, will be mixing up our 3 new cocktails on KUAM tonight at 6:30PM or  go to Youtube at your convenience! Cool off from the Guam sun with one of these new drinks using Stoli Vodka!

Signature Sushi Rock Special🍹: Stoli Premium, simple syrup, fresh cucumbers, lemon, ginger, mint, topped off with Sprite

Stoli Bluerberi Mule🍻: Blueberries, mint leaves, lime, Stoli Bluerberi, topped off with ginger beer

Stoli Cucumber Lemonade🥒🍋: Fresh lemons, cucumbers, Stoli Cucumber, simple syrup, garnished with fresh lemons and cucumber

Drinks will be available at both Sushi Rock locations! Cheers!

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